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Personal Branding Session – Sacramento

businessman in front of capital building sacramento for branding session

When my friend Ryan was getting ready to open his insurance agency in Sacramento, he knew he had photography needs. I was more than happy to help with a Personal Branding Session!

What fuels me and gets me excited about branding photography is that I get to help people realize their goals. It’s why I love working with other people with similar values and vision.

personal branding session Sacramento businessman

The Client

Ryan seeks to impact others through growing and protecting his client’s asset. With strong branding visuals, your investment made in branding photography is meant to pay for itself at minimum, if not make you a return.

Custom branded images help position your brand. It increases your brand’s perceived value with a strong visual representation. It helps you make a strong first impression with your potential clients. And it can even show off your personality through your style choices (wardrobe, location, color palette, etc.)

ryan maguire state farm agent branding session with team

Ryan also wanted to include his other team members Jay and Mario for the session and have them be recognized as part of the office as well. We did a range of shots of individual portraits, different combinations of team members, and a group photo.

Location scouting

We came up with locations that would reflect Ryan’s service area and work as an agent. Environmental portraits help point or give a nod to these areas.

We ended up shooting in Milka Coffee – another small business that has recently opened in Sacramento. The owner, Samir is as nice as they come.  The next location was the Capital building. It was picked for its easy recognition as a Sacramento location. For our final location, we went to his office where we could capture Ryan in action and show his day to day life.


Custom Branded Stock Images

While most clients think they’re getting portraits or team photos I like to incorporate some branded stock photos for them to use. They’re useful, versatile, and shows that you’re thinking ahead for other image needs they may have. Most of these images were created in the office.

I wanted to show off their office details since they spent the time and care to curate the space. These images ended up on their Facebook banner, office manuals, and Grand Opening invitations.


Personal Branding Session is not just portraits or headshots. The images created reflect the service that you or your company provide. They can also point to your service location and give your client a glimpse to your personality. Personal Branding sessions are a worthwhile investment in your business. This investment is meant to pay for itself or bring you a return through brand positioning through strong visuals.

My clients even get further personal education from me about how to maximize their use of their images. Contact me for more details on how I can help serve you with Branding photography!

State Farm agents in downtown Sacramento

Ryan Maguire for State Farm


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