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Personal Branding Photography – Yoga instructor

Personal Branding Photography for Yogini in the Castro

My favorite shoots are when clients believe in your eye and vision with a few goals in mind. This is what my latest session with Vivian was like. You may remember her from previous sessions here. This time we went to a few other locations for our photography. Namely,  The Ferry Building and the Castro district. She requested a more lifestyle feel to expand her personal branding with this photography session, although she still has pics that nod to her as a yoga instructor.

The Castro District

Personal Branding Photography for Yogini in the Castro

Photographers not only help shoot your photos but help you pick out locations based on what kind of look and feel you’re going for. The Castro was specifically selected because she wanted a photo with a view. Potrero Hill is also a good location for a great view of the city photos but was a bit further from where we started.

Personal Branding Photography for Yogini in the Castro

Good locations can be used for a variety of shoots.  A lot of wedding photographers will go to Land’s End where our previous session was. But it also worked wonderfully for an active movement shoot.

Outfit selection

My clients usually come with a few wardrobe choices. Sometimes there’s different color selections, different pieces, or both! At the beginning of the session, I look at all their outfits and plan out which ones would be good for which locations so we map out a loose game plan. Then we start walking around a location looking at what’s available and areas with great light!  When we find what we’re looking for we moving and shooting.


The Ferry Building

Personal Branding Photography for Yogini in the Ferry Building

In personal branding sessions, I want to incorporate elements of my client’s personality too.  Vivian loves bright pops of color, so when I see them, I point them out to her.

Ferry Building photo session for Yogini in San Francisco

Ferry Building photo session for Yogini in San Francisco

Castro District photo session for Yogini in San Francisco

Personal Branding Photography for Yogini around the Ferry Building San Francisco


Personal Branding photography is personal. What’s right for a yoga instructor may not be what’s right for a photographer. It would be quite difficult for me to pose in advanced yoga poses and doesn’t point to my expertise. I hope you learned a bit more about how a personal branding photographer can help you with getting great images for your business for you to use on all platforms and gave you some location ideas, like the Ferry Building or Castro District for your future photography needs!


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